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Machines for post-vulcanization unwrapping

Machines for post-vulcanization unwrapping

This machine, which operates downstream of the hose vulcanization phase, consists of one or two motorized spindles, blocking, pulling and rotating the mandrel, resting on various mobile rollers supports according to the length of the hose to be unwrapped. The various materials (bandage, nylon rope) are wrapped automatically on bobbins positioned on a trolley which runs along the frame to which it is attached. The only operator is on board the trolley and provides for its handling, as well as the management of the reels of unwrapped materials, supported by a control panel that manages and records all the parameters.

Main features:

  • Modular frame, adaptable to the desired length.
  • Automatic lever system for loading and unloading and rack storage of the hoses (to limit the use of the bridge crane).
  • The trolley speed and mandrel rotation are synchronized through a dedicated SW.
  • Motorized devices for wrapping the materials.
  • Safety devices, such as light courtains, laser scanners, fances and controlled accesses.

Technical features

Twin axis equipment for nylon tape and rope removing

Machine for removing nylon or polyester rope and nylon tape from vulcanized hoses on rigid mandrel.

Each machine “TWIN” is made of two removing lines, also processing different kind of hoses at the same time.

Different kind of rigid mandrels could be used: low carbon steel, stainless stell, chrome plated steel.

Helical removal of materials, following automatically the spiral pitch, and the rope or the tape winding, with very high accuracy, on a tubular core.

Suitable for materials removal from every hose manufactured on rigid mandrel.

Fabrics of nylon or polyester, such as tape with width from 40 up to 120 mm., ropes of nylon or polyester, wrapped or braided with diameter from 3 up to 12mm.

The material removed from the hose is packed as roll.

Inside diameter: min. (mm.) 13 55 13 55 100
Inside diameter: max. (mm.) 65 205 65 205 305
Mandrel length: (mt.) 61 61 40 40 20
Rotation speed: (rpm) 0 - 600 0 - 450 0 - 600 0 - 450 0 - 350
Trolley speed: (mt./1’) 0 - 70 0 - 70 0 - 70 0 - 70 0 - 70
Number of axis: 2 2 2 2 2
Machine length: (mt.) 69 69 48 48 28
Machine width: (mt.) 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1
Machine heigth: (mt.) 2,25 2,25 2,25 2,25 2,25
Electrical board dimensions: (mt.) 2,4x0,5xh2 2,4x0,5xh2 2,4x0,5xh2 2,4x0,5xh2 2,4x0,5xh2
Overall weight: (Kg.) 26000 26000 20000 20000 14000
Compressed air: Min. 0,5Mpa (nl./h.) 200 200 200 200 100
Total installed power: (Kw.) 40 50 30 35 35
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