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Who we are

Who we are


Our Customers know it: those who come to PROJETMAN with a desire, a need or more simply an idea, know perfectly that they are in the right place to entrust their projects to a team of professionals who, with passion and competence, will guide them, step by step, towards the realization of their aspirations and beyond…

In fact, we at PROJETMAN are all at your service to study, design and build machines, production lines and processes, highly automated integrated solutions, up to their complete installation and commissioning in your production sites around the World!

Europe, Asia and the Americas are in fact the continents where our creations are currently operating with success, satisfaction and profitability in the most varied industrial sectors: machines for the production of rubber hoses, automatic handling for different types of materials, machines for working of metals, wood, stones, applications in the metallurgical sector, in particular steel, automations in the transformation processes of polyurethane foam, ….

The continuous search for innovative technological solutions aimed at Customer satisfaction, in terms of production efficiency and workplace safety, make PROJETMAN a reliable partner with whom to establish a collaborative relationship to analyze and achieve the highest levels of production capacity.

The Technical Department, the beating heart of PROJETMAN's activity, is made up of engineers and designers who, through the most advanced IT tools, carry out the mechanical, electrical and software design of both individual machines and entire production departments.

The issue of safety of the operators and the environment in which the machines work represents for PROJETMAN a fundamental area of continuous evolution and search for effective solutions, such as laser scanners, protection panels and nets, photoelectric barriers, controlled accesses, segregation of areas and more.

The installation and commissioning services, the after-sales assistance and the accurate maintenance throughout the entire life of PROJETMAN’s machines, carried out by highly specialized personnel, complete the all-round Company supply package.

In this regard, particular attention is paid to the "remote assistance" carried out by PROJETMAN technicians, on machines equipped with an Internet connection. This allows diagnostics and resolution of any problems in a very short time with the consequent rapid restarting of the machines and without incurring the travel costs and times.

Last but not least, PROJETMAN machines fall perfectly into the "smart" category, according to the Italian “Industria 4.0” development program, being equipped with interconnection protocols such that they can be integrated with each other and with the Company management system of the Customer, in order to know and record in real time all the information and data necessary to improve efficiency and production planning.

Our mission

  • Provide maximum effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility in the management of machines and technological plants.

Our values

  • Ethics
  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Safety
  • Customer loyalty and partnership
Progettazione di Macchinari Industriali

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